There’s a reason I studied art and photography and that is because I suck at writing. Especially biographies. Does anyone really want to read some long-winded crap where I talk about how great I am? That’s what the testimonials page is for. So have a list instead where my sparkling personality shines through….

Here’s some things you don’t need to know about me:

  • Music is my life but I hate moshing and I’m short so media passes means I get to stand in front of everyone for 10 minutes. It’s pretty awesome unless you’re waiting for Foo Fighters. Their stage was ridiculously high.
  • I studied Fine Arts where I minored in photography. Then I studied photography once I got my head out of my ass long enough to realise I wasn’t all that and needed to study some more.
  • Sometimes I’ll get bored and make geeky frames with comics books that make grown men want to cry.
  • Sometimes I unintentionally rhyme.
  • Sometimes I’ll watch horror movies because they’ll make me happy.
  • Sometimes I’ll tell myself I can paint (I can’t) and pretend my Fine Art degree wasn’t a massive waste of time.
  • Sometimes I’ll use the worse sometimes too often.
  • I’ve been told my music photography is pretty good. In the last 9 years only two people ever complained. I have no control over your faces when you’re on stage #sorrynotsorry
  • My life goes on hold for The Walking Dead. I’ll probably die when they take this show off the air.
  • Sarcasm is like breathing. Nope, wait, I’m good at the sarcasm, not so much at the breathing (asthma).
  • Quite obviously I suck at writing bios.
  • I have Scheuermann’s Disease and arthritis in all the important body parts like my spine and neck so I’m super picky about the photography assignments I take on. The crazier something is the more likely I’m going to say HECK YES I’LL DO IT!
  • If Resting Bitch Face was an Olympic sport I might score a bronze medal.

At the moment I’m setting up my art print store over at Society6 and I’ll have a few items available on here too just as soon as I take over my mate’s backyard and get my art on. I don’t get much sunlight at my place which is needed for one art activity because allegedly I’m a vampire. If you’d like to keep up to date on what’s happening make sure you join my mailing list and I’ll let you know when there’s new stuff on the site/store, when I have any sale offers, or if I’ll be attending any market days. If you’d like to supporter you can also check out my Ko-Fi account below but if you’ve read this for I should probably buy you one.

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