I refer to what I do as ‘conceptual portraits,’ meaning that I come up with an idea or concept that I
would like to explore, and then I find people that fit that idea.

– Alix Smith

For me, portraiture is about being creative and having fun with a model or client. Emphasis on the ‘fun’ part. If you’re not having fun we’re not going to get great photos! So far I’ve photographed people as pinups, brain-eating zombies, kitsch spacegirls, covered in glitter in a milk bath and covered in spaghetti. I have yet to hear a concept that’s too weird.

When I’m not doing weird stuff I can also do smashcake sessions and band shoots.

On occasion I offer discount mini-sessions which I advertise on Facebook and through the mailing list.

If you have an idea you’d love to do email me for a quote!

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