Back in the dark ages when I was studying photography our final year came with a ‘research project’ where we picked our own topic and had to come up with a series of photos. These were all made into a book and projected live in an “exhibition” type thing. I’m really good with jargon, you’re going to love this writeup. I’m also super paraphrasing what I wrote back in tafe because I’m lazy. Anyways I chose the seven deadly sins. I’m a huge fan of the movie Se7en (everyone knows the movie with Brad Pitt yelling “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?”) with a serial killer obsessed with sins and watched it more than is probably considered healthy so that may have some what inspired the idea. Some people just shot 10+ photos of flowers so I went out of my way to do the most complex thing I’d ever done and for a person who managed to avoid photographing people for the first two years this was a big project in more ways than one.

I did a fair bit of research on the topic between the internet and books and all have very different ideas on sins. The sins are generally used in religious teachings to warn of mans tendency to sin. In Greek mythology, Pandora opening the box is considered the original sin. In the Satanic Bible it embraces the so called sins as they are basic human nature and tells people not to feel ashamed. They instead have the 9 Satanic Sins which include stupidity and pretentiousness and believe in only showing kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates. A book by a preacher gave an indepth and rather confusing look into the sins. Anorexia is apparently a sin of Gluttony whereas I would have thought it would come under Pride. He also listed scenarios for each sin. For Lust it was considered bad for two people to come together for casual sex, it was considered worse to own a porn collection and not have a partner and it was even worse again to commit adultery. Basically, don’t have sex guys.

The general idea for this project was to have two photos for each sin: a black and white image showing the darker side of the sin, and a colour photo with a more light hearted look (though looking back a pissed-off-murdering-housewife probably isn’t that light hearted). The general consensus by those critiquing my work (lecturers/pro photographers) were the black and white photos were great but the colour photos really lacked. When you spend so long working on something you can take offence at all the work you put in, but now I can see they’re right. It’s not the idea for the photos, but the execution of them.


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