I have trusted Kim with the live photography of all my live shows and have never seen an average photo yet, she definitely has a knack for capturing a good ol’ derp. Professional and quality photography.

Leigh Stearne
Breaking Punk
Engagement Party

We used Kim ( shoot the wicked witch) for our engagement party! We asked her to capture the night and that is what she did! Really great fun photos and of course the posing ones too! We are using her for the wedding and some pre wedding shots as we love her work and talent in catching moments we can laugh at for years!

Amy bezuidenhout
Absolutely thrilled with Kim’s work,

Absolutely thrilled with Kim’s work, was lucky enough to secure a booking with only a weeks notice after my original photographer cancelled at the last minute. Kim was there before even we were and was like a fly on the wall for our whole ceremony, we never saw her during but she captured every moment perfectly and candidly. Very professional but also relaxed. So happy she shot our wedding day

Elisabeth Ettridge
Kim Rocks!

Kim Anderson has been a senior photographer for Desert Highways for over three years. She truly captures the perfect moment at a gig; as well as visually stunning, the sound almost explodes from the image putting the viewer right there into that sweat-filled guitar-fuelled room and up on stage with the band.

Anthony Moore
On every shoot I’ve worked

On every shoot I’ve worked with Kim on, I have always been impressed by her strong artistic vision, and her determination to obtain the shots she sees in her mind; I think that for a photographer, this tenacity is vitally important, as I have never been disappointed with the end results I have received, and I believe a lot of this is down to Kim’s keen perfectionist eye for detail. A highly recommended photographer with a wide range of shooting styles and skills, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

Laura Kelly
Miss Lemony MUA
Mind-Blowing Talent

Shoot The Wicked Witch is an amazing super polite photographer with mind-blowing talent! Kim can do ANY genre to suit your specifications and you’ll be more than happy with the results! Whether it’s fantasy, avant-garde, family, wedding or bands; Kim is superb for putting your mind at ease for those nervous to be in front of a camera and those who look at the photos will think you’ve been modelling professionally for years! If you want friends to be jealous of your photos, go to Shoot The Wicked Witch today!



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