DayInTheDustYianniDayInTheDustYianniKim Anderson - Photo taken by Yianni at The Day Of The Dust festival, 2016

Ugh I hate bios..I do like lists though so here's some fun facts that nobody asked for:

  • My name is Kim with an i. Not Kym, not Kimberley, just Kim with an i.
  • I studied Fine Arts and have an Advanced Diploma in Applied Science (Photography). 
  • While studying photography I was called the "Stephen King of the photography class". I don't like his books but I chose to take it as a compliment anyway.
  • In 2nd year we had a 'kitchen utensil' assignment and on the day we all put our photos up for marking. The lecturer looks at them all, stops at mine and asks "who took this?". When I raised my hand he said "I should have known". It was a photo of my brother lying on the floor next to a bloody kitchen knife. I like to think I'm the reason our 3rd year assignments were suddenly much more descriptive on what they wanted.
  • Another time a lecturer looked over my shoulder while I was editing to tell me my photo was really dark and to prove how dumb I am I started talking about my lighting choices..he meant the subject itself was 'dark'. 
  • I came up with my biz name while at TAFE. My main project was on the 7 Deadly Sins and I'd been looking up fairy tales and with that I got a bit inspired by Snow White and the Wizard Of Oz.
  • I like to share the "I'm melting!" meme every summer.
  • The best part of the photography history class was getting to do my assignment on forensics and showing photos from Jack the Ripper's crime scenes. My lecturer just kind of sat there in shock and asked wtf he was looking at. Meanwhile I barely passed my art history classes. I was that girl who failed the open book exam. 
  • My first ever local gig was seeing Jebediah at the Rosemount Hotel and I took my camera along. I thought I took the most amazing photos ever. I didn't. They were terrible. Thankfully I didn't know that then and kept going so I've improved a lot since then.
  • One time I convinced a security guy to let me in front of the barrier to take photos just by smiling at him. Times sure have changed, now I can have a media pass and get harassed by them.
  • I'm fluent in sarcasm.   
  • In 1999 I won an ARIA photography competition. I was 1 of 5 winners. I'd actually forgot I entered it, got the 'you won' email and started screaming OMG around the house. I won a digital camera which is now completely obsolete because it used floppy disks. Quite possibly the most useless camera in history.
  • My favourite war story was at a 28 Days concert about 20 years ago. It was an all-ages show and I was waiting to the side of the pit talking to my friend when the entire crowd was suddenly coming our way. I guess they were bored waiting for the bands to swap over. She got slammed into the barrier and I raised my arm to protect my camera and got slammed into the speakers. I've had a fucked up shoulder ever since. Needless to say, teenagers scare the living shit out of me.
  • In 2006 I won Best Portrait/Press shot in the Kiss My Camera comp. The only prize I cared about was the vinyl record that doesn't play music (I don't actually know that for a fact) with my name on it. 
  • When I was in Year 8 I wrote a poem and gave it to my English teacher to read. She told my parents I had a great imagination and flare for writing but I really needed to read something other than horror. 
  • When I was 8 I was misdiagnosed with scoliosis and at 14 properly diagnosed with Scheuermann's Disease. End of 2016 I started to have issues with pain and early 2017 suddenly couldn't walk for 2 weeks. Saw a specialist and 2 weeks later some dick shakes me so I have a permanent neck injury too. This is my life now. Because of all this I no longer do client work. I didn't feel right taking a booking when I can't know how I'll be day to day. I don't want to let people down. Right now I rarely pick the camera up for personal work to stop myself getting cabin fever but mostly I'm trying to get back into art and think of other ways I can keep being creative. My blog is now a work in progress of my life and dealing with Scheuermann's Disease and mental health issues. I contemplated how much to share but I figure I'll just lay it all out there, maybe others will realise they aren't alone. I know it helps me when I see others write about their own issues.