DayInTheDustYianniDayInTheDustYianniKim Anderson - Photo taken by Yianni at The Day Of The Dust festival, 2016

Ugh I hate bios..

My background began in art. I was that loner kid who drew all the time and decided to go to art school. Studying Fine Arts I minored in photography and painting to the dismay of my printmaking lecturer and looking back I'm pretty disappointed in myself too. I suck at painting. I don't know what I was thinking. I was also that art kid who did things because why not, which seemed to annoy the hell out of my lecturers. While everyone else could talk shit all day long about their current project I had no thoughts at all. Hearing you're a "subconscious artist" might not sound like a terrible thing, but it really does coming from a German art lecturer. Everything sounded like pure disdain. 

When I began life as Shoot the Wicked Witch I started out doing pinup and alternative portraiture and having the occasional market stall. When I started working full time in a camera store though I couldn't book shoots anymore never knowing when I'd have a day off so I started photographing gigs again. This led to me taking photos for Desert Highways and Wall Of Sound and I even had a go at writing. I basically peaked in 2018 though when I wrote the Top 50 Songs About Mental Health list. It's always popping up on the top trending articles. Finally my depression paid off for something!

In 2018 due to health reasons which consist of a dodgy spine and scoring a neck injury thanks to some dickhead at a gig, I no longer do photography professionally. In fact I barely do photography at all now. I haven't picked my camera up since December 2021. It causes a lot of pain so now I only do it on rare projects I really want to do and wish I'd done all those years when I was physically able too. I'm now planning to eventually work in photo restoration once I upgrade my computer and return to art and market stalls selling prints and whatnot.