Shoot the Wicked Witch | About

Ugh I hate bios..I'm Kim. I shoot things. I'm also short. So basically what I'm saying is I'm Hitgirl. 

I don't really know how I came up with my business name other than I was at tafe and it popped in my head. I'd spent the year doing nothing but looking at the 7 Deadly Sins and stuff on Fairy Tales so the name and logo became inspired by the wicked witches of Snow White and The Wizard Of Oz. Plus witches are apparently "in" now so I was cool before my time. Oh crap, does that make me a hipster?

I've been shooting bands on/off since 1997 after discovering my first local band. I hated moshing and being short meant standing up the back of the room wasn't going to work out for me (ok so I'm 5'1" so really having one person stand in front of me isn't going to work out so great) so I took my camera so I had an excuse to stand up close. One time I even managed to worm my way infront of the barrier by smiling at the security dude. That doesn't work these days because some of them have sticks up their asses so I get photo passes and act legit for the legends over at Desert Highways and Wall Of Sound. I've won stuff too so I can do the "award winning photographer" brag rights but I save that for instagram. But since I brought it up I won a thing through the ARIA's and won this digital camera that took a floppy disk. Yes a floppy disk. Are you even old enough to know what a floppy disk is? The WAM one was cooler. I have a vinyl record that doesn't play music (I don't actually know that for a fact) with my name on it. 

Another fun story is when I was in year 8 my English teacher told my parents I had a great imagination and flare for writing but I really needed to read something other than horror books. I don't think she liked my poem. Well fast forward a few years and I'm still only watching horror movies (and Anna Kendrick movies because she's my spirit animal) so a lot of my personal projects can end up a bit dark and twisted.

Due to some epic back problems I'm focussing mainly on personal projects as I can manage them, getting back into art related things, shooting the odd concert and selling prints, hence this new site! All photos are printed through a professional photo printing lab and mailed straight to you. Super easy!!

That's pretty much it. 

The End.