Nudes in the forest

August 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

As usual I’ve forgotten I own a blog and neglected this again. This year has been fairly crap where my health has been concerned with my knee and other issues so I’ve focussed on only doing a few photo shoots that I’ve really been keen to try out. It’s no secret amongst friends that I love tattoos. I have a HUGE appreciation for them but so far I’ve been too chicken shit to get my own so I found myself a girl covered in tattoos to do an artistic nude shoot at Gnangara Pine Plantation. This was my first submission on my Patreon account and I’ve pretty much decided to start a Free The Nipple segment on there just for giggles since Facebook and Instagram will have an aneurysm at the thought of a photo being uploaded. I think out of the entire shoot there was one whole photo I could share on Facebook because they can’t handle seeing nipples. Just about every living thing has them, I don’t know why they are considered so offensive.

This shoot turned out great! There was a fire nearby so the sky was mostly glowing orange and despite not having horns for the day we found inspiration in pine cones and sticks instead. I had taken my portable lighting gear with me but never ended up using it. This shoot has basically inspired me to do more nudes and try out different things.

nude-hayley-010nude-hayley-010 nude-hayley-036nude-hayley-036

nude10nude10 nude-hayley-057nude-hayley-057




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