Levitating Rock Chick

November 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Disclaimer: Between Kristie and myself, we've been asked quite a few times how we took this photo and we're honestly not sure if people are deadly serious or joking when we get asked if she was jumping. So I figured I'd ruin the magic of it all for you and show you how it happened. 

This was for my last tafe assignment. We had a masterclass with Simon Westlake. He's Perth's coolest commercial/advertising photographer. I've seen him talk two other times and his work is pretty amazing. 

We're meant to take something from the talk and use it in one of our shoots, so based on the fact quite a bit of his work is several photos used to make one (so kind of like doing a headswap when you have a perfect photo but one person stuffed it up) - I decided to give this levitation thing a go. I went to Kristie's house with no idea what I was going to have to work with and she had two empty rooms. It worried me a bit at first that there was no furniture but it ended up working out really well. She had her guitar amps in one room so we went with a rockstar theme (which is easy because she's the singer of Joanie Get Angry) so I just threw the cords around and she grabbed some of her electrical appliances to add to the cord collection (behind one amp is a hair straightener and hair dryer!). I took a photo of just the room to be the base plate, then we took some photos of her on a stool, which upgraded to a small chest of drawers and we added the pinup canvas to the wall as I felt it was a bit bland. Lighting was super basic, the left hand side of the room has a huge window and I set up an umbrella in the corner for some extra light. 

How_I_Did_ItHow_I_Did_It It wasn't until editing I had any hiccups. To look at each photo you can't see the difference, but as soon as you put one on the other and rubbed away the parts you don't want you realise the wall colour was about a shade or two darker than the base plate. It wasn't even necessarily a shadow because that was in the corner of the room. This made it all a bit trickier than it should have been. I decided to use a texture over the wall to give it wallpaper and blended it using the "overlay" setting and this hid the fact it wasn't exactly perfect while keeping her shadow there. Once I finished it Kristie pointed out she had a flat ass from sitting on the drawers so I photoshopped some shape there to make it rounder.

It was easily one of the simplest photoshoots I've ever done. 



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