Melbourne Attempt 2: Tour Diary

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April 10th
Melbourne take 2...

I'm in Melb again. I've been here a week and so far it started fairly shit and I have yet to pick up my camera.

On the other hand though, the hospitality of band people I have met in Perth when they've come over has been outstanding. Hearts of gold this lot!!! I am currently sleeping in a "band room" which is a mattress surrounded by band equipment and all the walls are covered in gig posters. It has a door so I don't even care!! 

My first official day out in the city I just aimlessly roamed around with the main goals being to buy a jumper and a handbag because I forgot to pack mine. I managed to find the ONLY Jay Jay's store in Melb with a 30% off sale (hello jumper!) then managed to find Queen Victoria Markets which is great if you like leather and things from China. Honestly though the smell of leather gave me a headache by aisle 3. Headed back to the city where I found Ted's Cameras and they had an awesome red camera backpack but I wasn't prepared to bay $149 for it. Literally 2 shops up was another camera store and they had the same bag marked as $129, and then it scanned at $115. I KNOW HOW TO SHOP!!! Between these 2 stores and JB Hifi Camera store (also next door) not one sold a stand to put my flash on. My phone died before I got on the bus home and my face said "OMG WHERE AM I?!" because the bus driver asked where I was headed and looked it up on his phone so he knew where to drop me off. Nicest dude! 

Thursday night I apparently decided to have a panic attack which lasted all of Friday. I've chilled out a bit now, so we'll see how I go with this week. 

Friday my bus stopped outside - yep that's right - another camera store. Right inside was instax stuff so I HAD to look. And touch. And buy things. I did find a flash stand finally though. WOO!! I still haven't bought an instax camera but I am now the proud owner of an instax camera shaped luggage tag!

Tomorrow I'm packing my new camera bag with some stuff and hitting the city to see the Andy Warhol exhibit, check out what looks to be a pretty cool park across the street and find the cemetery. I'd like to do a shoot or two over here so I'm hoping I can find some inspiration while I'm out and about. 

April 11th Kings Domain Gardens
Melbourne_Gardens-041Melbourne_Gardens-041 Melbourne_Gardens-074Melbourne_Gardens-074 Melbourne_Gardens-076Melbourne_Gardens-076 Caught this on my 85mm! I really want a macro though. I like flowers it seems. They don't talk back. They don't know how to stand still though. Sort of like children..

April 19th

post_file (1)post_file (1) Not going to lie, I'm feeling pretty bitchy this week. It's week 3 and people suck. 

Week 2 was a write-off from being so sick. I attempted going out but ended up going home maybe an hour later because I apparently couldn't breathe and walk at the same time. All the people who wanted to catch up, 1 is in Sydney and ignoring messages, 1 has snubbed me entirely since I landed here and it was his bright idea to come over and the other is just like "time flies hey". Not the response I was looking for. There's something else where I'm pretty sure I'm in the shit, but it's my last week to make anything count and I'm sick of gigs. I want to do something else while I'm here!! Something that doesn't necessarily involve my camera. 

I can't get used to the weather either, which I don't think is helping the coughing. Yesterday I was freezing and a human burrito and by night I felt fairly warm. Today was practically a heat wave at 26 degrees.

So today I ventured out with the plan on going to the cemetery and St Kilda with my camera. The problem was I got to the cemetery and realised I left the SD card on the bedroom floor. I kinda wanted to cry. Settled for walking around and killing my phone battery instead. 

So here's a photo of Elvis. 

Tomorrow I'll try again and take my SD card this time. I may just sit in the cemetery all day instead, people there don't complain. They don't talk. They don't make promises they won't keep. They don't judge you for sitting on their eternal beds.  It's peaceful there. I feel more comfortable there than anywhere else. 

April 20th St Kilda

Dragged myself to St Kilda Pier despite anxiety running wild and made it there right before sunset! It was a nice spot. I had a bit of a walk and sat at the cafe and enjoyed the view.

St_Kilda_Pier-047St_Kilda_Pier-047 St_Kilda_Pier-043St_Kilda_Pier-043 St_Kilda_Pier-010St_Kilda_Pier-010 St_Kilda_Pier-018St_Kilda_Pier-018 April 21st

Today I remembered my SD card. 

Today it decided it was going to rain. 

It was at this moment that I realised there's no point scouting for locations and sussing out the lighting at certain times of the day because Melbourne is that bipolar with its weather that you could end up with anything. 

I spent 4 hours walking around today and got myself lost, found a tram and hopped on it, and five frikkin minutes later I was at the spot where I started. Not even kidding. 

It's amazing how fast you can lose time thinking you're finding something and really you're just getting nowhere. I didn't come close to finding somewhere to do my shoot on Saturday so I have to go out again tomorrow. Pretty sure half of the money spent on this holiday is just on transport.

Melb_Cemetery-013Melb_Cemetery-013 Melb_Cemetery-042Melb_Cemetery-042 For a girl allergic to flowers I sure do like photographing them.

April 23rd: Bradmills

Today I caught up with my photographer friend Matt (Melbourne's punk rock photographer!) and he took me out to explore the Bradmills.

Bradmills-004Bradmills-004 April 25th: Rites Of Passage

Yesterday I went to the Rites Of Passage tattoo convention in Melbourne to take photos for Desert Highways. I JUST missed out on getting a tattoo. I found a Friday the 13th tatt for $100, took ages to find an ATM because two of them had run out of money and then I couldn't find the stall and was doing laps and by the time I finally did they'd closed up for the day. It wasn't even 5pm yet and the event finished at 6pm so I was pretty bummed. One artist had a Daryl Dixon tattoo up for grabs. So I really need to have a long lost relative die and leave me money, or a job where I don't have to do much (It's not that I'm lazy, but my back seems to put people off hiring me) and get paid well enough to get off Austudy and afford things. 
Rites_Of_Passage-053Rites_Of_Passage-053 This guy had a motorbike next to his table so this is about the most creative photo I took all day. A lot of the artists were commenting about how dead/slow the day was compared to the past two days so many were packing up early. The MC was kinda terrible and the audience waiting for the best tattoo judging just didn't seem to give a crap. Only one guy at the very back would randomly make a noise of excitement. I'm pretty sure that was a sympathy cheer. 

I came pretty close to leaving the venue with my media pass. I had to hand it back in, I don't know why though. It's dated on the card as 2016, so it's not like it can be reused. 

The End

All up the trip didn't suck despite being really ill and my mental health being a dick. Staying with band peeps meant going to extra gigs and seeing a whole heap of bands I hadn't heard of before. There's so many nice people in the scene over there and it was awesome to see how much they love Matt and appreciate his work. His book launch was killer - it was like a 12 hour gig and everyone was buying his book. I'd love to do that myself but I don't see it working out. It would be cool to go to Melbourne and now end up with some virus but I'm pretty sure I'm just allergic to the place. Maybe one day I'll see if my 3rd time is lucky.


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