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[I have no idea whats happening in this photo but it made me laugh so here it is for you guys]

Today I've been arguing with myself on "..but what I do it again?".

I'm paying the price big time for taking photos last night at Punktoberfest. Last night during the 2nd band my back started to go so I took codiene and I was good for the rest of the night. At the most I was starving by the end because I hadn't eaten anything other than a protein bar all day.

Today on the other hand, I woke up with sharp pains between my left shoulder and spine (which I've never had before) and within an hour of getting in and out of a car a couple of times and slowly walking around the pain had gone down my back and up through my neck. Painkillers just weren't doing anything today. Ended up lying down for some form of lameass siesta since I was lacking sleep too (the Bachelorette may or may not have been involved) and four hours later was feeling better. It was very shortlived. One cough and it was all back. Pretty much just the left side but the spine pain is getting ridiculous. Reminds me, I can take more pain killers.. 

Thursday or Friday I was thinking about how I'd go applying for xmas retail work since it's all casual. I love Typo. That's my fav store on the whole planet, but standing all day and moving boxes of stuff freaks me out with how I am this year. After last night I'm like "yeah nah". Is it going to be worth it really if I'm in agony for the entirety of the next day and unable to move? I personally didn't think I was going that crazy with the photo taking and when I'm shooting for Wall Of Sound like I was last night I keep in mind I only need 6 photos of each band except the mains so I even limit how many I take these days and have cut right back, but it's realising that it was about 8 hours of standing on my feet and a good chunk of that involved weight lifting a 1.5kilo object. I still blame the wide angle. I can't deal with the pain today its just awful. Pretty sure festivals are a no-go for me unless someone is paying me so I can at least cover physio! 

Update: It took me a week to recover from this gig. Not even joking. 



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