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A couple days ago was my first time shooting a metal band, Agnesis! The drummer (the guy on the left) out of nowhere says they should do duckfaces..PHOTO OF THE DAY!

Agnesis-031Agnesis-031 By now we all know how much I suck at getting some good behind the scenes anything for you guys, so for this shoot I had my pal Karen (Klowe Photography on Facebook) helping out as assistant and taking some photos of me taking photos. I'm pretty self conscious so while my ass looks huge in some pics I'm pretty glad my hair has improved in the last couple years. Last time someone took photos behind me while I took photos I looked like I had a giant birds nest back there. 

agnesis 1agnesis 1 This shows the "lighting set up". I took my beauty dish with me because I thought I might see how it works after the Heath Ledger workshop I attended but I never ended up using it. Basically the shoot was at 2pm and with it being almost Summer it means the sun is right over us so there would be a whole lot of light blotches through the trees making my life hard. So I brought the giant softbox. There was the slightest hint of a breeze, so slight humans couldn't feel it, and knocked the light stand over. So that was the scariest part of the photo shoot...thinking my flash might have busted. The really tall guy in the band went and got a heavier log and shoved it through the bottom of the stand and that held it in place. 

Every photo shoot I end up on the ground. Doesn't matter what it is. 

Agnesis 6Agnesis 6 There was only one shot they really wanted and that was the "hero" pose, where you look up at them. Karen gave me her camera bag as a pillow of sorts. This is also another reason on why it's handy to have an assistant. Less moving on my part. Honestly this may have been part of the reason my back didn't hurt as much as normal after a shoot..I wasn't doing as much!

Agnesis 3Agnesis 3 I love this shot. I look like the laziest person on earth while I make the band stand around me. It's also got a clear shot of the back of the camera. 

Agnesis 4Agnesis 4 This shot was bullshit hard to do. There's no other way to put it. I had to focus point where I wanted it (on the singer) and for whatever stupid reason the camera kept focussing on the trees behind him. It was frustrating me beyond belief because it's on such an angle that I can't look through the viewfinder to do it myself. Like I tried because apparently Karen got a photo of it, but it was basically impossible to really see what I was doing there. 

Agnesis 5Agnesis 5 This woods has teepees everywhere that keep popping up, this time someones gone all out and made a massive one that you could live in. Came complete with a half eaten cake and campfire (not sure who would be dumb enough to do that right now!) but Karen made to get this creepy shot looking inside it. It looks like a pair of eyes in there :/ 

Agnesis 7Agnesis 7
About two weeks after this shoot I went and lost the photos. My hard drive died mid-backup and it was bye-bye to two years worth of photos. Some crying happened. I've pinched a couple of shots from the band's Facebook page just to show I did take some myself.

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