Ohm Rune

November 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Ohm_Rune-007_fbOhm_Rune-007_fb Fungalfest this weekend was insane on so many levels. We're talking good and bad here. The most exciting part was this awesome shooting star that came out of nowhere. It was HUGE. Like it could have been a firework. Only about 4 of us even saw it amazingly.

Before the weekend, Ohm Rune had asked about getting a photo under the stars, so at the end of the night I took the drunk pair across the road to get a couple photos. Turned out to be way harder than I thought.  

Shooting stars is relatively easy, set your lens to infinity and watch your shutter speed. Trying to insert people into a photo like this it was pretty hard to focus on them in the dark with only an iPhone to light them up, but trying to get them to stand perfectly still for 15-25 seconds wasn't happening either. In fact this is probably the closest to focussed we got. Their feet are fine. But having the lens set to infinity gets the stars more focussed looking, so the focus line is further back than where they are standing, and trying to work out where it might be was proving harder than I thought too.  Ohm Rune-018 fbOhm Rune-018 fb

I did debate on using a flash, but a torch or phone light can light up something really brightly so thought a flash might be overkill, but with how dark the area was I possibly could have got it to work. I can add this to my "things to experiment with" box. 

Luckily for me they didn't care about being blurry and this trippy shot even got the tick of approval. The lines at the bottom were from when this car suddenly appeared and drove behind us. I was really expecting the shot to be completely blown out. 

Ohm Rune-003Ohm Rune-003



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