Scalphunter Press Shoot

July 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sunday I had a photo shoot with my fav dudes Scalphunter. They wanted some fresh press shots and I got to try using my studio gear on location. A couple of times the flash didn't fire but it wasn't until I had them on the computer I realised this is a great example of showing off how lighting changes a photo! 

Scalps_Promo-101Scalps_Promo-101 These two photos were taken seconds apart. Sometimes the light doesn't recharge fast enough to fire when you click the shutter button again. 

Scalps+Promo-102Scalps+Promo-102 I'd taken ALL of my lighting gear with me for this shoot (big thanks to Leigh!) because I had no idea what the plan was but I really like the outdoor/dramatic lighting of old Linkin Park photos so hoped I could try something similar. By the back of the camera the contrast was quite high and I wasn't sure they were working exactly how I wanted them but they came out really well. Hot tip: Never trust the LCD display entirely. That said I never use the histogram feature.

Leigh was my light stand holder. Little bit of a breeze and that thing will topple over, and being short can make it tricky changing the setting without a ladder. I'm basically a smurf. It was also having someone handy to help grab your gear when it rains, which it did this day.


Aperture - 14
Shutter Speed - 1/125
ISO - 200

I used my Bowens 400 watt lighting for this. One light set up to the right with my octobox. I'm pretty sure the setting was on 4 for this, possibly 5. 

I'm pretty keen to try this more often but I don't drive, so I need to come up with better bribe techniques with my friends! 


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