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Before xmas I did a Succubus shoot for Lamia Emilia and I decided it's a good time to practice using fill flash. I'm pretty impressed with myself for catching on as quick as I did. The only downfall was pressing the shutter release too fast for the flash to keep up. So below you can see how this shot looks without flash! Still looks cool with the lens flare either way. 

Succubus-076Succubus-076 Succubus-077Succubus-077 This year I'm going to try this thing where I don't put a photographs merits on whether its in focus or not. Sometimes you get rad photos and they're soft. They aren't so blurry you can't tell what it is, but up close its not focussed. This is one of those photos. It looks great this size but at 100% its soft because I apparently focussed on her feet. Since she is meant to be a mystical creature though that gives me creative licence to have blurry photos. I mean look at Bigfoot. 

Succubus-114Succubus-114 I've been playing around with this for a bit trying to get it in any shape I'm happy with, and I think I like this but I'm not sure. I've been staring at it way too long. After cleaning up the skin I added a colour gradient to the sky and applied it as an overlay and then used one of my astro photos just to give the sky a bit more of a Sci-fi feel. I didn't want to over the top with it like I did on my Space Girl photos a couple years ago, I just wanted it to be subtle. I was going to add a moon but I didn't like it. 

Succubus-054_wipSuccubus-054_wip I gave moons a go and that's where it stayed, in the "well it was worth a try" box. It looks ok large, but as a thumbnail it looks like I put stickers on my photo. I have zero idea how digital artists do their wizardry and frankly I'm too stubborn to learn. 


Makeup was done by Be You {tiful}

Model is Lamia Emilia who is also on Patreon!



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