Mental Health Awareness Month

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I figured since it's Mental Health Awareness Month it's a perfect time to revisit an old photo shoot at an abandoned mental hospital.

IMG_9894IMG_9894 IMG_9888IMG_9888 Swanbourne Hospital-13Swanbourne Hospital-13

Did you even urbex if you didn't take a selfie in a broken mirror?

Swanbourne Hospital-2Swanbourne Hospital-2 Swanbourne Hospital-8Swanbourne Hospital-8 Swanbourne Hospital-11Swanbourne Hospital-11 Swanbourne Hospital-16Swanbourne Hospital-16 Swanbourne Hospital-23Swanbourne Hospital-23

The Patient

The whole idea behind this shoot was "oooooh abandoned mental asylum" and someone owning a straight jacket. That's it. I did a bit of a re-edit on them. There was nothing particularly wrong with the originals, they were just super yellow-orangey because I didn't know how to colour correct photos properly back then. Not that you can tell here, they're all black and white, but I figured a super old building such as this should have super old looking they're black and white. Colour photography wasn't really accessible to everyone until the 1970's so it makes sense to me!

Swanbourne Hospital-28Swanbourne Hospital-28 Swanbourne Hospital-31Swanbourne Hospital-31 Swanbourne Hospital-34Swanbourne Hospital-34 Swanbourne Hospital-35Swanbourne Hospital-35 Swanbourne Hospital-42Swanbourne Hospital-42 Swanbourne Hospital-46Swanbourne Hospital-46 Swanbourne Hospital-47Swanbourne Hospital-47 Swanbourne Hospital-48Swanbourne Hospital-48

Swanbourne HospitalSwanbourne Hospital

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