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I really wanted to do a ghost photo shoot for Halloween. Well really I just wanted to do any Halloween shoot for Halloween, but a ghost was on the list.

This is not that shoot. 

I got to the cemetery early and felt a little bit awkward being in my usual black attire, resting bitch face set on 100% but not actually attending any of the 2-3 funerals apparently happening at that time.  

Everyone else rocked up and we walked to the older section to take some photos. Problem with this idea is it's not a simple click and shoot and WOW I have photos kind of shoot. There's a lot of trial and error trying to work out what angles would work, getting the tripod to be level (In the 3-4 years i've owned it I've only ever used it for astrophotography, I actually find tripods bloody frustrating because I like to think I'm a gymnast who can bounce off walls and furniture and I'm constantly moving so using a tripod just slows me down.) and spent more time concerned about time management than much else. I really wanted to make the most of the double exposure feature in the camera but in typical Kim style forgot how to use that feature (I've used it twice 3-4 years and my brain needed that space clearly for new song lyrics) and jumped on Google because nothing I was doing was making it work. 10 minutes later and it turned out I just needed to turn off "live view". Story of my life. I only got to try the one angle here, I set it up and tried to get a variety of 'ghost' shots so I could try a double exposure later. 


The one above was done in photoshop, the one below was done in camera. 

Ghost-33Ghost-33 Then we moved on to the mausoleum. I love saying mausoleum because it always makes me think of the movie Phantasm which is set at a mausoleum and features a tall scary dude with flying silver balls and it literally makes not one ounce of sense but somehow spawned like 4 movies. Yes I watched them all. No I couldn't work out what's going on. 

I tried some in camera double exposures here as well but they didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. Way too much movement for them to be successful. I'm not showing them but you can see these ones I took instead which show the makeup and styling a lot better. 

Ghost-43Ghost-43 Ghost-45Ghost-45 Ghost-76Ghost-76 Ghost-62Ghost-62

While we headed back towards the entrance we passed one of my other fav spots to grab a photo. This pathway is just too pretty to not stop at!  Ghost-89Ghost-89 Lastly I thought ghosts might stop to smell the roses. I mean I might consider it when I'm dead because I will no longer have to worry about death by you know, it could happen.


Now for the important info:

Model Lily Sobieralski [Instagram]

Makeup by Total Beauty And Beyond [Facebook]

Styling by Waisted Lace Corsets & Couture [Facebook]



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These are spectacular Kim. I knew you were good but Wow!
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