The Murderballs came to Perth!

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Back in 2016 I made a stupid choice to go to Melbourne but that dumb choice led me to meet some rad peeps and see some cool bands I hadn't seen before. Two of those bands were The Murderballs and Udder Ubductees and nothing excited me more a couple months ago than hearing they were headed to Perth, I just wasn't thrilled by the venue so I sort of harassed one of them about if they'd be doing any other shows here. Lucky for me they did! That day I met up with Craig from The Donald Trumpets and drove to Freo for a "BBQ in the park" that was pizza by the beach. Amongst the gang were Brad who is also from Melbourne so that was pretty cool too. It was like a reunion. I met him when I saw his band Dixon Cider play at the Cherry Bar around 2014. Told him he had to bring his band to Perth and every time I got a facebook invite to a show I'd just casually throw in they forgot Perth. So I sort of got my wish I guess? On the drive to the venue Craig lets a couple of the guys know how I talk about them a lot. I just want to clarify that no I don't. He's lying. I did tell him more than once that he should do a sideshow with them when they were in Perth so hey look that's another wish granted! One day people will listen to me when I tell them I know cool bands. 

I've never been to the Railway Hotel but that place is actually kinda cool. I always got told it's out of the way and hard to get too and discovered its inbetween the train station and Swan Hotel. It's literally easier to get too. I don't know why people bag it other than the fact it's a bloody long trip from where I live (South Geraldton) and the eftpos machine didn't work. The girls toilets even had fancy bowls to wash your hands in. Apparently the boys toilets sucked. The stage lighting is super shit (I counted - there's 11 lights and it was still pretty dark for most of the time) and normally this wouldn't bother me but I forgot to pack my flash. Otherwise it's a great size venue and the outdoors section looked pretty cool too. They even serve real coke! That's important info right there because I don't drink alcohol and the syrupy stuff most bars have is fine, until you're onto your 3rd and feel like you might throw up from sugar overdose. 

I'm not going to say anything about the bands. You should have gone yourself but have some photos. 

The Donald Trumpets

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Udder Ubductees

murderballs-27murderballs-27 murderballs-31murderballs-31 murderballs-35murderballs-35


Roach Bones

murderballs-46murderballs-46 murderballs-53murderballs-53 murderballs-64murderballs-64

The Murderballs

murderballs-68murderballs-68 murderballs-75murderballs-75 murderballs-87murderballs-87 murderballs-91murderballs-91 murderballs-92murderballs-92 murderballs-96murderballs-96

Check out the full photo gallery here 

You can find all the bands on Facebook - here's the links if you're the lazy type: The Donald Trumpets, Udder Ubductees, Roach Bones, The Murderballs.



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