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HeyStudJewellery-034 1 webHeyStudJewellery-034 1 web

The first look we did using the Hey Stud! accessories was a kitsch space girl. While makeup was happening I decided to stick alfoil over half of my balcony screen/wall/thing because I thought it would be a cool backdrop. This was the beginning of my inner frustration because apparently half way through the roll it stops coming off like it should and tearing at weird angles. It did this on both rolls of alfoil paper. Then I chose to have an epic brain leak for the first 30 minutes of the shoot using my own equipment. No matter what I did every photo was half dark which also happened to be the side the light was standing on. I know right, makes no sense! I was suddenly thinking I'd forgotten how to do photography. In frustration I went to change the light to my softbox but couldn't find the cover for it, ran downstairs when it hits me my shutter speed is probably wrong. Sure enough...it was. Now for those of you sitting there wondering what the fuck I'm even talking about: Your shutter speed needs to be at 125/second for flash photography, you can't shoot at a faster shutter speed unless you're doing high-speed sync somethingorother which I don't know how to do, otherwise generally it's too fast and you only capture half of the light which was happening in my photos. I'm really explaining this badly. I should have saved a photo but how was I to know I'd out myself as sometimes incompetent in my own blog?!

set upset up

Worlds Greatest Backdrop Set-Up vs Actual Photo

Once I had that brain fart over with it was all systems go! The alfoil worked really well with Ashayla's silver getup and it's all super shiny and awesome. I bought myself some lens-flare presets because I'm addicted to an app on my phone that can create them and I came close to just editing the photos on my phone. I've quite literally hurt my left arm from playing with lens flare presets. They're adjustable so I can move them to different areas of the photo (some have like 20 dots I can move around) and I can change their size/shape/exposure. It's all very exciting trust me. Basically I sat at the laptop WAAAAAAAYYYYYY too long yesterday and got some sort of laptop elbow weirdness going on. Worth it.


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