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Idea 1Idea 1 Last weekend I had a day of shooting on my balcony because we've declared my balcony a makeshit (haha where's Freud right now?) I mean makeshift studio. Somehow I fit 6 people, 3 flamingos, a tree and my studio gear out there.

We were shooting some super cute accessories by Hey Stud!, a melbourne biz making acrylic and wood earrings and brooches. I came across them on instagram and tried my luck at doing a collab. I was pretty happy when they said yes and once the stuff turned up at my place myself and Nic from Quinn.tessential Effects worked on ideas for shoots.

The first photos I'm sharing I've dubbed "Ms Krueger" and you'll see why here...

HeyStudJewellery-088HeyStudJewellery-088 There were some Jack-o-lantern earrings and a "I love horror" badge so obviously the only idea I had was horror girl - with my skeleton - some popcorn - and one of my t-shirts. Thanks to Horror Block and Teevillain I have a collection to choose from. Thanks to my obsession with horror and halloween in general my home is one huge prop. I left the makeup completely up to Quinn.tessential Effects.

I didn't know how I wanted to shoot it (the cinema would have been cool but I've done that once before and didn't want to ask to do it again) so decided to try doing the shoot so it looked like they were watching tv and the photos are ok but it was hard to see the jewellery because arms or hair were in the way. We did some more shots on the balcony for clearer closeups and then pretended that I work for Vogue magazine and made a layout. Obviously, graphic design isn't my strong point..

idea 2 webidea 2 web You can find Hey Stud! on Facebookinstagram and you can buy their goodies on Etsy.

Chucky t-shirt is from teeVillain. teeVillain is a t-shirt site where you’ll find a killer limited edition shirt being sold for $11 for only 24 hours. The following 24 hours will feature a new design and so on and so forth. We choose the most ingenious designs that reflect everything eVil & Villainy, as well as works pertaining to anything Artistic, Pulp Style, Low-Brow, Pop Culture, TV, Movies, Music, Video Games, Comics, etc… all things cool & eVil basically. Tshirt design is by Paula Garcia.

You can follow Quinn.tessential Effects on Facebook and instagram.

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