Urbex #1

June 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

On Tuesday I got to go on a bit of urban exploring with a friend, something I haven't had a chance to do since my last adventure to Melbourne, and we checked out a place just south of Perth. It was like a garbage tip. There were two huge piles of just everything imaginable outside from clothes, wardrobes, mirrors, chairs, couches, underwear.. inside the floors were seriously disgusting due to a mix of insulation (the roof for the most part didn't exist) and rain and it had the cleanest walls I've ever seen in an abandoned building. There was a major lack of graffiti however there was a feminine hygiene product just randomly stuck to a window. I guess this suburb only has classy vandals. A couple of rooms inside were filed with roof tiles and another room (which had a sign saying "no cooking in the loungerooms" was packed with handmade bookcases.Whoever filled that room is good at Tetris!

Murlali-002Murlali-002 Murlali-019Murlali-019 Murlali-021Murlali-021 Murlali-034Murlali-034 Murlali-039Murlali-039 Murlali-047Murlali-047 Murlali-049Murlali-049 Murlali-058Murlali-058 Murlali-059Murlali-059 Murlali-117Murlali-117 Murlali-125Murlali-125 Murlali-100Murlali-100 Murlali-076Murlali-076 Murlali-077Murlali-077

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