Breaking Punk Presents Blind Man Death Stare And Forgets My Camera

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I thought I was being super clever the last time I caught up with Leigh for our bro date by giving him my camera bag so I had one less thing to carry the day of the Blind Man Death Stare gig. Turns out we're dumb and dumber. He left my bag at his house so I was left with my Lensbaby (which I almost didn't bring). Problem was I had two ciders before the show (because my birthday was the next day and I figured if there's no camera I'll let loose) and I was too messed up to focus it. I mean I tried, but I gave up pretty fast too. To be fair, the lens is pretty hard to focus on bands when sober (which for the record is most times, I haven't touched alcohol since before xmas so things hit fast and everything was hilarious). It's hard to focus in general.. 

Dead End Brawler

Before the gig I'd posted on Facebook how I was going to try redeeming myself with the photos I'd taken of them at the last Breaking Punk shows.

I didn't.

They wanted to see the photos afterwards and not only were they deeply offended I took fuck all photos, they were further offended I didn't keep the really bad photos from the last gig. I'm so used to prima donnas in the music scene I think I might love these fellas. Keep an eye out for future bad photos of them by me!



I did slightly better here because there's 3 photos for them.

I also maybe added to the argument that only the singer matters in a band. Or as I said to Ben before the show "I'm only excited to see Dead End Brawler tonight. Nothing against you, i've just seen you a million times".

I'm not sure why I don't have more friends. I'm delightful. 


Blind Man Death Stare

Then things went to shit...I'm not sure how I reached a point of being worse but it happened #skilled


Before they started one of the guys (the one above who I so very clearly documented) said they weren't starting til 'the two girls up the back come up front'. That was directed at my cousin and I. I moved forward and he realised I had a camera and asked something about if I was going to take photos. I just stood there and shook my head no. According to Karen I followed this up with how the camera is just for decoration. I don't recall saying this at all but to be honest it does sound like something I'd say because I don't know how not to be a smartass. After two photos I realised this wasn't working. Then Karen decided to have a go. She took this...I mean I was drunk, what's her excuse?


Just kidding. Well I'm not, she DID take that photo but she did do ok on the others! She also hates my Lensbaby and now i'm not sure we can really be friends. 

So here's Karen's photos edited by me..and yes they have my watermark because I batch saved and I don't care and I edited them so whatever.


Is it just me or is this the most erotic gig photo of all time?



The Decline

You could probably say my photography Declined that night. See what I did there? After BMDS I recall going outside, but then wanting to go downstairs because downstairs has couches and less noise but I didn't know The Decline were in there and that kind of ruined my plans. I decided I didn't care and just aimed straight at a couch. I like couches. You can nap on them. Or you can try too but people are like "no Kim don't lie down!". From here on in I just took interesting photos of The Decline's t-shirts. 

BMDS-110BMDS-110 BMDS-114BMDS-114 BMDS-118BMDS-118 BMDS-121BMDS-121 BMDS-122BMDS-122 BMDS-128BMDS-128 BMDS-130BMDS-130 BMDS-132BMDS-132

Next gig is in a week and hopefully Leigh brings my camera along to that one or he's paying me anyway. 


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