Best songs to listen to for Halloweek!

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Welcome to Halloweek! Halloweek is for those of us who love Halloween so much we need a full week to enjoy it. Some think we’re freaks but we’re not the ones who need four months to buy their Christmas trees. October is a time where horror freaks unite to share their love of all things ghoulish and pumpkins, some take part in Drawlloween (a Halloween inspired drawing challenge by the incredible artist Mab Graves!), some put up Halloween trees because Christmas Trees should be spooky and basic bitches share their list of much-watch horror movies for October – and not a single one is set on Halloween. There’s a horror movie for literally every occasion (except maybe Father's Day), do it right! So I have made this list of top quality songs you should listen to this Halloweek. I’ve been listing to these for the past week already, for research, obviously! 

  1. Keepin’ Halloween Alive - Alice Cooper 
    It would be wrong not to put the King of Spooky as #1. He’s Freddy Kreuger’s foster dad, he was a bum in Prince Of Darkness, he wrote a song for Jason Voorhees and if you’ve seen him live then you know Feed My Frankenstein is a winner. It was really hard picking just one song! 
  2. Monster Mash - Misfits
    Misfits are the ultimate band for Halloween, you’ve really got your pick for song choices but I’m sticking with Monster Mash because it sounds so much better than the original. 
  3. Halloween – AFI
    I'm a bit of a Davey Havok fangirl so I have to include at least two songs here to make up for the fact I've listed them 3rd in something. This one is a Misfits cover but Fall Children is also a must listen too! Both feature on their All Hallows Ep
  4. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr
    Ray is constantly asking us who we’re gonna call but does he give us the phone number? No he doesn’t. Ray wants you to die folks but at least the song is catchy.
  5. Never Sleep Again - Chainsaw Hookers
    If you like your songs about horror movies you need to check out Chainsaw Hookers on Spotify. They shit all over that Nine Ice Whatever band.
  6. Werewolves Of London – Warren Zevon
    Released in 1978 this song featured quite a bit in my childhood (thanks Mum!). The song was apparently inspired by the movie Werewolf Of London (1935). I haven't seen it because despite having the body of a 90yr old I'm not actually that old.
  7. House of 1000 Corpses - Rob Zombie
    Picking Living Dead Girl or Dragula felt like lazy choices and honestly Zombie’s entire discography could be your Halloween playlist as well but I’m a fan of this track which features in the opening credits of Zombie’s debut film of the same name (which is set on Halloween. BONUS!)
  8. Bad Moon Rising – Mourning Ritual
    Originally sung by Creedence Clear Water Revival and forever associated with An American Werewolf In London, I found this super fucking creepy version by accident. I have no clue who this band is but this is their only recording and it featured in The Walking Dead season 4 promo and Teen Wolf.  
  9. Come To Daddy – Aphex Twin
    Back when I was a youngen I would sit up late watching RAGE like all cool kids did and this song came on. The song is just some creepy ass voice singing I WANT YOUR SOUL/I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL and the video has a bunch of creepy AF children running around with his face. Fun fact: I used this song in my presentation video for my final project at TAFE. It was a series of photos based on the 7 Deadly Sins but I edited it too short so it was like a 60 second assault of the senses with this song just blasting in everyone’s face. If you enjoy movie references - this song featured in 8mm which is the only good film Nicholas Cage made.
  10. Pet Sematary – Ramones
    'I don't want to be buried in a Pet Sematary / I don't want to live my life again'
    It’s a bad joke that all Ramones songs I know are from soundtracks and half the time they’ve been sung by other people. This is one of maybe 3 songs I like by them and was really glad there wasn’t some shitty Fall Out Boy version on the Pet Sematary remake that came out earlier this year FYI: don’t watch it!

  11. Thriller – Michael Jackson
    This is probably one of the coolest videos ever. Also, Vincent Price.
  12. Baby You’re A Haunted House – Gerard Way
    I know many didn’t like this song when it came out last year and I may have been one of them but I’ve changed my mind. I'm also convinced everyone in this clip is wearing a mask so Gerard didn't actually have to be in it.
  13. Beheaded – The Offspring
    The Offspring appeared in the movie Idle Hands singing this song and Ramones song I Wanna Be Sedated..During Beheaded their interrupted and Dexter gets himself scalped. Best scene.
  14. Lullaby – The Cure
    I was 11 when I first saw this video clip and I blame Robert Smith for my irrational fear of spiders. This video clip is also kind of my life. I too lay awake all night listening to my neighbours. 
  15. Bruja – Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams
    Any song about a witch is ok with me. I fucking love this band. I got to see them live the last time I was in Melbourne and their one of the best live acts I've ever seen. I came close to changing my biz name to Bruja after hearing this song just so I didn't have to keep typing out 'shootthewickedwitch' on everything. It was a ridiculously long email.
  16. Augen Auf – OOMPH!
    Everything automatically sounds creepier when it’s in German, moreso with kids counting. Not even sure why this band hasn't been as big in Australia as Rammstein.
  17. Rosemary’s Baby – Fantomas
    It was a hard choice between this track and their rendition of a score from The Omen soundtrack, which is basically Ave Satan on speed.
  18. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
    You can’t beat a classic but if you need to feel depressed I recommend listening to the cover by HIM.
  19. Halloween – Siouxsie and the Banshees
    There’s a lot of 18 year old girls on instagram who claim you aren’t goth unless you listen to Siouxie and the Banshees because makeup. This is for them.
  20. Walk Like A Zombie - Horrorpops
  21. Season Of The Witch – John 5 and The Creatures
    I don't normally do the instrumental thing but this is pretty kick ass. Has some creepy laughing for good measure. 
  22. I Put A Spell On You – Marilyn Manson
    Marilyn Manson manages to make most things sinister without much effort. You can also include Sweet Dreams here.
  23. Walking With A Ghost – Tegan and Sara
    I've had this song stuck in my heads for days. 
  24. Billie Jean – The Bates
    Is this song creepy? No, unless the idea of having an illegitimate child freaks you out. Is the video creepy? Yes in a sexy German Norman Bates kinda way. These guys put a punk rock spin on Michael Jackson's song and made it 1000x better.
  25. How Soon Is Now – The Smiths
    I know we all hate Morrissey but there are other guys in that band and they made one decent song that became associated with witchcraft thanks to The Craft and Charmed. 
  26. Where The Wild Roses Grow – Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue
    Just a nice little song about a girl who meets a boy who kills her.
  27. Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
    This song is forever ruined for me by someone who appeared on Red Faces singing PSYCHO CHICKEN when I was a child but the song is about Norman Bates so in effect it’s really a song about Ed Gein. Actually I found the clip for Psycho Chicken so you can get your daily laugh.

  28. Halloween 13-13 – Wednesday 13
    Hey little girl don't be scared / Just take this candy from my hand
    Tonight is the night the dead rises from their graves / Don't be afraid, girl, don't be afraid

  29. Vampires Will Never Hurt You – My Chemical Romance
    And if the sun comes up will it tear the skin right off our bones / And then as razor sharp white teeth rip out our necks I saw you there

  30. Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell
    I asked around a couple of Halloween groups what their must-listen-to-Halloween songs are and everyone pretty much listed this song. Also features Michael Jackson singing the chorus.
  31. Bela Lugosi’s Dead – CHVRCHES
    If you don’t know who Bela Lugosi is you might want to find another article to read.
  32. Fashion Zombies – The Aquabats!
  33. Little Red Riding Hood – Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs
    "Hey there Little Red Riding Hood, You sure are lookin' good, You're everything a big, bad wolf could want...
    Like all good songs, this one was completely innocent but some movie came along and made it the calling card of a serial killer and now here we are…this song was covered by Bowling For Soup if you want a more upbeat pop punk version but to be honest it feels a bit date-rapey. 

  34. Addams Groove – MC Hammer
    Whose your favourite horror family? The Addams or the Munsters? I’ll wait.

  35. Jack The Ripper – The Horrors
  36. Season Of The Witch - Donovan
  37. Cold – Static-X
    I don't know about you but I can't hear this song and not picture Lestat (Queen of the Damned..not that Tom Cruise shit)
  38. Forsaken - Jonathon Davis
    Speaking of...
  39. Horror Movie – Skyhooks
  40. Halloween – Dead Kennedys
    Whatcha gonna be? / Babe, you better know / And you better plan / Better plan all day 
    Better plan all week, better plan all month, better plan all year

  41. Michael Myers – The Meteors
  42. I’m Not A Vampire – Falling In Reverse
  43. Halloween (John Carpenter) – Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
    This is one of the best horror scores of all time (Change my mind..). This starts out faithful to John Carpenter's version then goes off on it's own.
  44. Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Not a Halloween film but spooky all the same and it's not a party unless this plays! 
  45. Hellraiser – Motorhead
    Look I'll admit when Lemmy died I had no idea who the hell everyone on Facebook was talking about. I somehow had never heard of the band until that moment. I came across this song in my hunt for quality songs for Oct 31st. 
  46. Halloween II – Cradle Of Filth
    A friend of mine is a Cradle Of Filth fan so I'm adding this for her. It's a cover but this one is kind of ridiculous. Cradle of Filth are listed as covering Samhain. Who are Samhain? Fuck knows so I googled them and it's some band Danzig made up after he left Misfits then covered his own song …..then Cradle of Filth covered it. 
  47. A Nightmare On My Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
    This track samples A Nightmare On Elm Street and the killer looks like a jacked-up Billy Idol. 

  48. Halloween – Mastodon

  49. All Hallows Eve – Type O Negative
  50. Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet boys
    I need to include this one for having the best horror themed music video. Everyone loves this song. Anyone who says they don't is lying.

And that's it! What did you think? Are there any songs you would have added to a Halloween playlist? Let me know in the comments!


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