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Everyone is doing that "omg look how much I changed!" posts with portraits from 2009 and 2019 because it's almost the end of another decade. For the most part nobody looks any different unless they were a child in 2009 and I tried looking but I couldn't find a single photo of me. I'm always behind the camera. So instead I'm doing a "omg look how much I changed!" in regards to my photography.

2009 was the year I started Shoot the Wicked Witch as a business and 2019 was the year I decided to quit. Maybe poor choice of wording but I had to get a firm grip on reality that being a photographer just isn't in my future anymore. I'm just in too much pain to do it regularly and I'm lucky if I pick my camera up monthly now. There's been a few times I thought about selling it. 

To give a clue on how much my neck/back problems have affected my life as a photographer:

In 2017 when things started going downhill I photographed 30 gigs.
In 2018 I photographed 15.
In 2019 I photographed 5. 

It's super fucking depressing but at the same time I don't miss shooting or really even attending local music shows. I noticed a massive energy shift after my neck injury with how people treated me and now I just find most gigs awkward to be at. Which is hard to deal with when you've been photographing the same people for 10 years and the moment you aren't holding a camera apparently your value as a human drops. It's borderline amusing watching people you used to be friends with completely ignore you (we're talking glaring/huge stick up their ass) as if my personal health problems somehow insulted them. Gigs just aren't fun anymore. So in the last couple months I decided I'm only photographing mates bands should I feel so inclined or bands I really love for Wall Of Sound. I'm not putting myself through hell for anyone else. 

Which is also why I'm trying to get back into art. I'm out of practice but I'm telling myself that I really should put my Fine Art degree to use. I'm just not completely comfortable sharing them but I need to get over that and just do it. So as of 2020 you may notice a huge change over on my instagram! The biggest problem with drawing is looking down hurts my neck too. I keep telling myself that if Frida Kahlo could paint while lying in bed for months surely I can find a way to manage this!

2009 was my first go at music photography in 9 years and it was a small charity gig at Mojo's. There was hardly anyone there and I was too anxious to go near the stage so I spent the gig sitting at a table taking photos. Jump to 2019 and the anxiety isn't quite as bad now that I get to stand in photo pits. I've got to photograph some of my all time favs (Green Day/AFI) and I've had photos used on CD covers. One of my photos was used on The Superjesus latest vinyl release. That's probably the highlight of my career honestly.


It wouldn't be a Decade piece without featuring my most photographed local musician - Alex Cotton! First gig was 2010's WA Roller Derby album launch with Chainsaw Hookers, AAAGH Bats! and Project Mayhem. 9 years, 3 bands, and a guitar to the face later...here we are. Did my photos of him improve over the years? Barely but it's always a fun time shooting Scalphunter and he's one of the best peeps I've met in the local music scene!


Portrait Photography

When I started out I was all about pinup and horror themes...and an extreme overuse of textures. I'm pretty sure for 2009-2010 all shoots were in a studio. I avoided going on location as much as possible. The horror themes are still going. I'd love to do so much more though. Sometimes I think about doing more pinup because it was always so much fun! I tried to incorporate pinup with music for a calendar idea but I only ended up doing a couple of photoshoots because getting guys involved is really hard. I have 2 awesome photos though (well to be honest the entire photo set of Scotty from Nerdlinger are winners) so I'd really like to do something with them at some stage before I die. Maybe I should just make a coffee table book of random photos?


To complete my 2009 vs 2019 I decided to look back at photos taken with my two fav models. In the last 10 years I've barely shot with anyone else. Ashayla and Bec are the first two I always go to for all of my ideas!



Well that's it. Fascinating right? 2019 ended on a bit of a sour note with my last photoshoot having to be taken down because I wasn't aware you couldn't take photos in a cemetery. They were my most liked photos in a long time so it was really sad for both of us but I'm going to use one or two as references for some art ideas so they aren't a total waste. I'm not sure what 2020 will bring where my camera is concerned. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes are up first and I really need to redo my White Violin photoshoot (which considering I don't even like my photos it's my most read blog to date!) but so far that's it. I've been talking about doing a Pennywise shoot for two years so maybe I'll get that done. One day I really hope to use my coffin here. Who knows. My only plan for now is to get through all the latest doctors appointments and survive Christmas. Then I'll worry!

To end this properly I need to thank the following people:

  • Alex for letting me photograph all of his bands over the years. Best bands to practice music photography with!
  • Desert Highways for giving me my start in photographing bigger shows and letting me photograph Frank Iero even though it didn't fit your demographic.
  • Wall Of Sound/Browny for letting me live out my dream of photographing Green Day and basically letting me stick around even though I don't contribute anything other than Pennywise gifs to group chats and watching my one-hit-wonder of an article keep floating around.
  • Shay and Bec for modelling my random ideas, including adult smash cakes! You can check out more of what they get up to on instagram - Ashayla Webster / Lamia Emilia

Still reading? If you like my art and want to show support I have a Gofundme going to try and fundraise for a new computer. Mine died last year and being unemployed and sick means it's ridiculously hard to afford anything let alone a computer! If you would like to donate click HERE!


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