Love Sick

February 13, 2019  •  1 Comment

So it's that day of the year where us singletons are meant to feel shitty about being alone on Valentines Day. Not me though, it means I get to sit on my couch watching Valentine-related horror movies and eating chocolates while not being judged for not wearing pants (or for choosing horror movies over an actual date) or having to listen to someone talk. I HATE people who talk through movies. Things you needed to know right?

I haven't really picked up my camera since December because my spine is a jerk and it was driving me mental so I decided to try doing a Valentine shoot at home because why not. Back in the Dark Ages when I was doing my 7 Sins project one of the concepts for Lust was a teen crush. There were a couple ideas but I ended up doing some Cupid shoot instead which I really failed at to be honest. So here we are now, 50,000 years later doing one of my other concepts "Love Sick". The whole idea was to treat being in love like having a case of Chicken Pox. I had chicken pox in my 20's and I can tell you it sucked. Sucked doesn't even begin to describe it really. I woke up one day looking like one of Frankenstein's lab experiments gone wrong and it was itchy and painful and I have scars now...and basically exactly like catching feelings. Thankfully Nicola of Quinn.tessential Effects was up for it because I love working with her, it's always guaranteed fun times. Only this particular time we (by we I mean me) were dehydrated because I lost all ability to remember where I put anything, the constant turning back and forth made me dizzy and I couldn't stop laughing but I couldn't actually laugh properly at the same time and spent maybe half of the shoot lying on my bedroom floor so she couldn't see me. This is not how I normally am, just to clarify. Normally I just walk out on shoots if I'm laughing. I've done that before. I am very professional, obviously, just look at this blog! 

Stage 1: Denial
Here we have the beginning of the affliction where things kind of suck because you're in love with a guy and he doesn't even know your name even though you sit next to him in science class but it's not all bad. You have hope for a speedy recovery (or that he'll learn your name soon despite the fact you've never spoken to him ever) from this crush thing you have going on and it's nothing a day of rest in bed can't fix!

Love Sick-28Love Sick-28 Love Sick-43Love Sick-43

Part 2: Anger
Oh no, you looked up his social media. How dare he like another girls photo!! Life is officially over. OVER I TELL YOU!!

Love Sick-132Love Sick-132
Love Sick-70Love Sick-70
Love Sick-73Love Sick-73

Love Sick-154Love Sick-154 Love Sick-169Love Sick-169

Stage 3: Bargaining

Ok so maybe we overreacted just a little bit. Hormones, amiright?

Love Sick-175Love Sick-175

Love Sick-99Love Sick-99

Stage 4: Depression
*Am I Not Pretty Enough plays in the background on loop and Kleenex sales go up*

Love Sick-119Love Sick-119

Love Sick-66Love Sick-66

Stage 5: Acceptance

The fever is broken! You can move on with your life back to the days before you turned into Fatal Attraction. You're a strong independent black woman who don't need no man (or woman/whatever). 

Love Sick-79Love Sick-79

Love Sick-187Love Sick-187

Love Sick-195Love Sick-195


And there is my Ode to Valentines Schmalentines. 


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