Movie Review: Camera Obscura

May 26, 2019  •  Leave a Comment


Straight up I hate this movie. If you're going to make a movie specifically about a camera, then maybe get the technical information correct.

The movie is about a guy suffering PTSD after a six month stint in the war and refuses to pick up a camera ever again. His girlfriend is over his shit and wants him to get a job already so she buys him an antique camera that's "like 80 years old" figuring it will motivate him. To be exact it's a 'Kine Exakta 1' made in Germany in 1936. The previous version of this camera used 127 film (the same as Box Brownies) but this was the world's first 35mm film SLR camera. The problem here though is he takes it out around town and shoots 10 rolls of film that he then takes to get developed. Firstly I don't know a single person who would waste 10 rolls on an antique camera (or any new camera really), everyone that's an actual photographer uses one roll of film to make sure the camera even works and to see if it has any quirks like light leaks. It's just in the common sense handbook. Secondly, film developing is really expensive and the guy doesn't have a job but he can afford to get 10 rolls of film developed? His girlfriend's going to be super impressed later. 

Lucky for him, a fire breaks out at the lab and he only ends up with 4 rolls - which are all black and white and not colour like he used, the photos showed dead bodies at the locations he visited and they are all stamped with the time/date in the corner which isn't even possible because that feature didn't turn up in cameras until the end of the 1980's. I mean seriously how can you screw up such a huge detail like that? I don't even remember how the film ends. Like they had one job and they fucked it up. There's no coming back from that. 



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