10 Years Of Scalphunter

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This year is a big year for a lot of people apparently. This year marks 10 years of being "Shoot the Wicked Witch", Scalphunter turned 10, and I found out on Friday night so have The Bob Gordons! Seeing as I have some new pain killers I thought I'd test them out and went out two nights in a row to see my fav band play. I know, crazy times! Friday night I took my polaroid down, which is legit the most expensive hobby ever at $15 per pack of film but it's fun just waving a photo around for 5 minutes waiting to see if it even worked only you're standing in the dark so you really can't tell. Good news: I got one decent photo out of 10! I know people with digital cameras who can't claim those odds.


The other cool part of the night was seeing people crowd surf at Joe's Juice Joint. Like that place is small. Best gig atmosphere I've seen in a while!

Saturday I decided to take my actual camera and see how I go but thanks to Alex I had a lift there and back so that was half of the torture gone from the night. I live about 15 minutes from the Sixty30 but it's actually easier for me to get into the city (which takes me an hour) then to go to that pub via public transport. First thing I noticed walking into the gig side of the building was all of the smoke. We got there for what we thought was the first band, apparently there was one before them, but the room was just filled with smoke. Decided then and there if I was going to be anxious about anything (RE: previous blog where allegedly I don't have pain I have depression and anxiety) it was potential asthma attacks. It was just so hazy.


Smoke machines at gigs can be cool, especially when backlit because it spreads the colours out and looks wicked in photos. With how much smoke was coming out of this thing you couldn't see the band until it disappeared. 

How a smoke machine should work...

How a smoke machine shouldn't look unless your plan is to kill people...

What sucked the most was for a chunk of their set I was sitting in front of Alex (near the feet to the left) and I watched as the guy looked right at me as he held the switch down to let off smoke. STRAIGHT. IN. MY. FACE. And Scalphunters obviously, but I'm just talking about me here.  

I didn't go too nuts with the photo taking, but I got a few shots of most of the bands. My neck held up pretty well til the end but I gotta say my knees made me feel like I was about 90 years old. Like my Nan is 80-something and likes to comment how I'm older than her. How great are Nan's right? Most grandmas bake cookies, mine bakes insults. I'm used to one of them being stiff since surgery a couple years ago but this was on a whole different level. A couple of times I sat on the ground/knelt and I regretted it every single time. I was self conscious trying to get up because I was having issues but you do feel sort of ridiculous being in a room of drunk bogans and you're the one staggering to stand up. 

The Wolfbats

Sixty30-85Sixty30-85 Sixty30-88Sixty30-88


Sixty30-100Sixty30-100 Sixty30-104Sixty30-104

Everytime I photograph Steve he looks like he's asleep.


Sixty30-142Sixty30-142 Sixty30-184Sixty30-184

It wasn't the best lighting for it but I thought I'd give my new DIY filter a go. This is from my DIY Filter blog last month but I glued some more glass onto it. Best comment of the night came from Swainy while I was holding it: "Kim I didn't know you did meth..". Can someone please have a gig at Amps or The Boston so I can use this filter properly please?

Sixty30-205Sixty30-205 All up a successful night and my back didn't start hurting til it was over. Seats at gigs sure do make a difference! I always laughed at people who sat at a show but sometimes you just need a stool, or a speaker, or the floor...there's nothing I won't sit on. I have to say the pain killers aren't doing a damn thing except fucking with my sleep (I don't need help with that), making me super itchy and giving me a migraine. At this rate I'll stick to the panadiene forte, at least with that it's just a game of Russian Roulette on if I'll have epic chest pains and nausea. WAY easier to deal with! 

You can check out the full gallery here..


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