Stay Loyal to the Royals

August 05, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I was in dire need of an outing and decided to gatecrash my friends show (well it's not HER show, it's Liam's, but she's part of it and that's how I got in there!) and take some photos. It came at a great time because this week was more shitty news (more medical related crap I don't want to talk about) and I needed to see a friendly face but I also scored that night by getting to watch one of the funniest performances I've ever seen. My face hurt from laughing.

The plan was to take some behind the scenes shots as well as the show so I took a few during "sound check" then headed off to grab an OJ before the show began. Ok so I'm at an alcoholic establishment right but I was on a "no caffiene/no fizzy" anything ban for the weekend after my trip to the GP the night before for heart related things. I'm fine, my heart just felt like it was trying to escape my ribcage all week and like my chest was vibrating. I'm not a big fan of water so I asked the bartender if they had Orange Juice and asked for a glass. The bartender ask's "vodka or tequila". The question threw me, am I the only person to ever just order straight juice at a bar? I headed back upstairs and shoved the glass under my claimed seat but anxiety kicked in once the crowd arrived and seats started filling, particularly the seats in front of me because apparently they were all on growth hormones and I realised my short ass was never going to see the right side of the stage even if I moved my seat into the middle of the aisle. I wasn't prepared to sit on the floor because I have the knees of a grumpy 90yr old man and I'd never get back up. So for whatever reason, half of the front row was empty and I made it mine. For the whole show I was thinking yeah this is fine because I took photos during the soundcheck for better angles except there was one big problem there and it looks like this...

Queen-70Queen-70 The Queen was missing her wig.

Insert face palming here. 

I realised once I was home and trying to load them on my laptop. I. Am. A. Dumb. Ass.

The show however was hilarious, there was singing, dancing, royal tales and just non stop laughter. Stay Loyal To The Royals is heading to the Edinburgh Festival and everyone is in for a treat! Liam and Larissa - I hope your shows are a massive success!

Queen-1Queen-1 Queen-5Queen-5 Queen-6Queen-6 Queen-8Queen-8 Queen-10Queen-10 Queen-32Queen-32 Queen-58Queen-58 Queen-94Queen-94 Queen-99Queen-99 Queen-101Queen-101 Queen-106Queen-106 Queen-178Queen-178 Queen-266Queen-266 Stay Loyal To The Royals - Facebook / instagram / Buy TIX to see the Queen here!

Larissa Moran - The Soundtrack Of Life / Instagram / Buy TIX to her show here!


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