Dapper Deaf Gentlemen

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A few weeks back I got hit up for a photo shoot by Josh. You might know him as one of the models from The Light The Dark. We go way back because I used to invade his party house after gigs rather than go home at 2am. Some interesting times were had. Interestingly enough he thought of me because of my photoshoot with The Bob Gordons and one of them also lived in the party house. Ok that probably wasn't that interesting. ANYHOO the shoot was for his podcast The Deaf Penalty and they had a cool idea so I was totally keen and because I literally have no life I helped out with where to find costumes and tried to find somewhere interesting to do the shoot. One place would have been epic but none of us had a grand laying around so I booked the boudoir room at Huzzard's Studio. My only conditions for the shoot were they had to pick me and my gear up (including lights) and they were paying for the studio - and honestly I have to say my back didn't hurt that much at the end of the day compared to other shoots. The lift there and back made such a huge difference! 


There's a couple of things you probably shouldn't do and this is one of them: I didn't realise we were running as late as we were. Once I was picked up I didn't pay attention to the time. We get to Josh's to grab the guys before heading to the studio just up the road and my phone goes off. I have a missed call from an unknown number and I've been bombarded from asshole telemarketers for months I didn't think twice and responded. 


So that got awkward real fast. I also realised then we were 30 minutes late.

We get there and I rush inside and basically just hope any of the other 4 people with me noticed which door I went into because telling them was obviously too hard and I get met by Chris (the owner) and ask if he was the one I txt'd, no of course not...I txt'd the nice older lady who works there, but he heard about it. Once upstairs setting up was fairly easy. I rearranged the furniture, set my light up and found out one of the "1800's styled gentleman" was actually channelling his inner Pimp Daddy. He will be referred to as Pimp Daddy for the duration of this blog. The other guy has no name (to be fair I'm a useless human being who forgets names as soon as she's told them), he was pretty quiet other than pointing out to Josh while he talked about how he's never watched any Harry Potter movie that I'm standing there in a Slytherin jumper.


I brought in some books, pipe and hats for extra props (not Josh's though his came with his costume and involved velcro(?). I haven't seen anything like it.) and I kind of wish I filmed making Josh read the book because I didn't actually pay attention to what they were, but everyone was laughing and I had to stop and ask if he was actually reading the page because it sounded ridiculous. Turned out he was and it was from Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol And Other Short Stories'. My mum had these really old books from the 1920's-1950's and after she died I kept them because they looked cool. Somewhere during all of the laughing I blurted out "you're more fun to photograph than your brother" (I probably need some kind of a filter) and when asked who I mentioned the Them Sharks photo shoot from a couple years ago where 2/3's of the band were chill, chatting and laughing and the 3rd (his brother) was all "NO, We have to be serious!". It was really surprising because I've seen that guy drunk many times and never thought he'd be that serious. By the end of the shoot he realised the rest of us were right and the chilled out photos were the best ones. Nobody ever listens to the photographer. Candid is always best. I just really fucking hate posing people. This shoot had very little structure it was just "sit there", "read that", "talk amongst yourselves", "Now change seats", "Take your glasses off" "put your hands in your jackets like you're having a heart attack because that was a thing back then" etc Totes exciting stuff. Pimp Daddy's girlfriend as it turned out is a model so she even jumped in and told them what to do. 



I took this at the end of the shoot and it was later when I got home I remembered there was a cool old looking frame near the bed that could have been a good prop which pretty much sums up every photo shoot I have..remembering the things I was going to do but forgot or what would have made it better. 


The next day I woke up dead. I'd been feeling off since Friday but I was ODing on Vitamin C, taking cold & flu tablets and apparently it didn't do a damn thing because come Monday I had some kind of monster chest infection. Happens 1-2 times a year when the weather becomes bipolar and can't make up it's mind on if it's Winter or Summer (let's face facts we don't have Spring. We just have Summer with pollen.) and I sound like that chick from The Exorcist just without the potty mouth and the vomit. I found some random anti-biotics from last time and took them and hoped for the best. I finally felt up to editing by the following weekend. Making the photos look old was easy because I used to do that for pinup photos back when I was doing them in 2009. I've got a whole folder full of textures to use. The colour ones look like they're from the 70's but that's ok because that's how I visualise Pimp Daddies and really everyone needed to experience that slipper/sock combo. 










You should check out their Facebook page because it's got photos everywhere. It's cool doing a photoshoot and people use more than one photo! 

You can follow The Deaf Penalty on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter and you can hear the podcast on Spotify and iTunes. They mostly dribble shit but it's entertaining!





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