Pet Sematary

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"I don't want to be buried, in a pet sematary. I don't want to live my life again"
The Ramones

Fun Fact: Around 2006 I was dubbed the "Stephen King of TAFE" by the lady we hired photography equipment from. I was seriously amused because I didn't think I'd done anything particularly bad yet. I mean there was this one assignment in first year for "High Key" where I took a photo of a Living Dead Doll (I refused to photograph people for almost two years) but she's over exposed so as the slide came up covering the wall it freaked out the lecturer with these huge pink eyes staring at the class. Then there might have been a time in 2nd year where I did my history assignment on Forensics where I got to show photos of Jack the Ripper's victims and Ted Bundy's bite marks, and a certain kitchen assignment where all we were told was to photograph a kitchen utensil so I photographed my brother lying on the kitchen floor next to the carving knife with a trail of tomato sauce. When it came to marking we all had to put our photographs at the front of the class and as the lecturer walked along he stops at mine and asked whose it was and when he realised it was me said "I should have known". Another assignment I photoshopped a screaming face onto Barbie and thought I was hilarious. I like to think I'm personally responsible for assignments being a whole lot clearer the following year. Then there was the time I did a school shooting photo as part of my main maybe I deserved it. I don't know. 

Event Cinemas (Innaloo) have Fright Night sessions of horror movies and they're basically the coolest thing ever. They have a Tunnel of Terror with members of Perth Horror Fans making things creepy, not for me personally but I find it adds something cool to the atmosphere of the night and I do get a laugh when basic bitches scream in fright. This particular night had a few tombstones and people in animal masks and drumming but we were all handed a gift as we walked in - a Pet Sematary cat mask. Decided right away I was using this in a photo shoot! That was about where the excitement ended for that night. The movie was crap. I did have some high hopes for it because the 80's version is quite stiff, the adults are like walking stiffs, the little girl is completely over the top with drama and Gage is the best actor in the whole film. I figured it wouldn't take much to top it and being 2019 expected good things. The remake screwed the storyline (but we knew the main detail thanks to trailers), the entire story is disjointed, the "scary" parts look like they were filmed in a studio and the best actor in the whole film is the cat and then there was that ending. Just no.

Fast forward to September and I did the photo shoot! I decided I should be adventurous and not shoot in the woods near my house despite how much I love them so we went to a spot near Kings Park. I grabbed myself some McDonalds on the way because I was starving and I alawys end up regretting this choice because somehow they managed to burn a mcmuffin. How do you burn a muffin and make it hard as a brick? So by the time i'm arriving I'm also doing a great impression of a dying person while I choke on my food. We started out walking around to have a look and there's a really steep - it's not a stair case but it had stairs - but after a few steps my lungs were collapsing and while trying to look like I'm totally fine was like nah let's not go further. Also there were a lot of people showing off how athletic they were by walking past us. Freaks. 

Lucky for me Lamia Emilia has her own dead animal zoo happening and brought along a bird and a dog. The bird got lost in the background but the puppy was quite cute and this is about as close as I get to animals not in a zoo behind glass or a fence or some contraption that keeps them far enough away that I won't have an allergic reaction.






Most of the shoot was spent convinced I would eventually lose my footing and go tumbling down the hill. The location is spectacular with all the leaves on the ground but it also meant it was luck on what you were going to stand on. One step the ground would be firm, the next step soft dirt, the next step you've found a hole (I'm a super klutz so this was all terrifying. I once managed to have one foot fall in a hole while walking on a footpath and by walking on a footpath I was walking half on the footpath and half on grass. I went from walking on the ground. My brother only noticed because of the sudden shocked expressions on the girls faces across the street. Not embarrassing at all.) was quite the work out. 


This shoot was also an opportunity to use some smoke bombs I bought last year. I bought them for a shoot with someone who then flaked and I was pretty pissed off but these were really cheap on eBay so I considered it a cheap lesson. I got exactly what I paid for with these. They are about the size of 10 cent pieces and hard to light up but by the time I did and turned to get my camera, turned back around and it was over. The smoke was done. I think it lasted a whole 10 seconds. Not sure it was even that long. I was going to film it but forgot and I'm glad really, it would be the shortest video ever.





I bought a cat skull on eBay a couple months earlier and it was dud looking but thought I'd try it anyway. I wanted to try recreating at least one shot to be similar from the film but overall it didn't work too well. In the movie you see the kids all wearing animal masks, walking in a row to the sematary with a girl holding a pillow with a dog collar on it, another kid has some toy drums he's banging and another pushing a wheelbarrow.  Not sure if it's a combo of the pillow being too big, the skull too small but it just looked weird.



PetSematary-82PetSematary-82 The idea for some of the photos was I wanted to make her look dead. Like SURPRISE there's a dead girl under the mask. So some photos she's normal and some she is not. 







So about the one idea I had for this shoot was I wanted to have an "unmasking" shot where she takes the mask off and you realise she's dead herself...also because the kid that dies in the remake is a girl so may as well use the idea!





And that is that. I definitely want to do more horror themed shoots though. Horror is life. Horror is my happy place.

If there was a Top 5 horror movie songs this would be on there. It's also been in my head the entire time I was editing the photos.

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This is a gorgeous shoot!
May I ask where the model got her dress from?
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