Amor Cucurbita

October 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Halloween-5 fill lightHalloween-5 fill light Halloween-73Halloween-73 Halloween-84Halloween-84 Bec recommended taking some photos at the blue boat shed which was just down the road, it's the most over photographed landmark in Perth (is it REALLY a landmark? Is Perth that dull this is a landmark?) and I think every wedding in Perth has had photos taken there. I've managed to never photograph that place so I joked I'll be a real professional photographer now. So we go to the blue boat shed and at first we think there's a photoshoot happening so figure that's fine I can wait my turn. We get closer and realise it's just two girls with an iPhone. 5000 selfies later they left. It was so windy at this spot the light was hard to manage - not that I had to because I asked Kelly to hold it - but it wasn't working out anyway. Every photo my pumpkin couple were really dark. At first I thought it wasn't firing but even when it did it wasn't helping. Not sure why. This is why I'm not a master of Fill Flash. I got some better photos without it. I don't like sunlight. It's evil. That said I want to try a beach shoot with it just as soon as I'm ready to burst into flames. 


"Amor Cucurbita"

Halloween-8Halloween-8 Halloween-11Halloween-11 Halloween-15Halloween-15 Halloween-17Halloween-17 Halloween-23Halloween-23 Halloween-34Halloween-34 Halloween-37Halloween-37 Halloween-40Halloween-40 Halloween-42Halloween-42 Halloween-44Halloween-44 Halloween-46Halloween-46 Halloween-61Halloween-61 Halloween-92Halloween-92 Halloween-85Halloween-85 Halloween-96Halloween-96 Halloween-99Halloween-99 Halloween-101Halloween-101 Halloween-110Halloween-110 Halloween-120Halloween-120 Halloween-146Halloween-146

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