Seeing Double #2

October 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

The last two weekends I've taken my camera to gigs just so I can refresh my memory on how much taking photos sucks and I can complain to pain management later but I'm still having heaps of fun with the double exposures. I can't believe I considered buying $150 prisms to make dodgy photos when I can just do it in my camera for free! But for reals I'm just going to buy cheap glass off Wish and DIY. DIY is life. Anyone who has seen my UV filter knows what I'm talking about. I get many concerned looks at gigs from people thinking I smashed my lens. Eventually I'll practice doing double exposures in the traditional sense but I'm liking the effects I get this way. I set it in-camera to take 2 photo to mash together. I haven't tried to do more than that yet. I'm trying not to think too much while doing them so I get random results.


These shots from last night surprise me because I made a metal band look festive. This gives me christmas light vibes and I'm digging it!

OhmRuneLaunch-73OhmRuneLaunch-73 First time ever where I think I actually got better photos of the drummer than the singer. Obviously that's up for debate.

OhmRuneLaunch-71OhmRuneLaunch-71 OhmRuneLaunch-70OhmRuneLaunch-70 OhmRuneLaunch-40OhmRuneLaunch-40


This shot I put on Facebook straight away because it made me laugh. Who needs a watermark when you can just insert LED lights into people's faces?

DesertDogs-17DesertDogs-17 DesertDogs-15DesertDogs-15

Desert Dogs

DesertDogs-71DesertDogs-71 DesertDogs-73DesertDogs-73 DesertDogs-72DesertDogs-72 The next gig I'll be attempting to survive is Punktoberfest. I'm not sure how I'll go because I barely made it through these shows and I wasn't putting that much effort in, but there will be photos like these last few! Lucy's surprisingly has the best lighting in long as bands don't decide on a floor show. There's no light there. 


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