Seeing Double #2

October 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

These shots from last night surprise me because I made a metal band look festive. This gives me christmas light vibes and I'm digging it!

OhmRuneLaunch-73OhmRuneLaunch-73 First time ever where I think I actually got better photos of the drummer than the singer. Obviously that's up for debate.

OhmRuneLaunch-71OhmRuneLaunch-71 OhmRuneLaunch-70OhmRuneLaunch-70 OhmRuneLaunch-40OhmRuneLaunch-40


This shot I put on Facebook straight away because it made me laugh. Who needs a watermark when you can just insert LED lights into people's faces?

DesertDogs-17DesertDogs-17 DesertDogs-15DesertDogs-15

Desert Dogs

DesertDogs-71DesertDogs-71 DesertDogs-73DesertDogs-73 DesertDogs-72DesertDogs-72 The next gig I'll be attempting to survive is Punktoberfest. I'm not sure how I'll go because I barely made it through these shows and I wasn't putting that much effort in, but there will be photos like these last few! Lucy's surprisingly has the best lighting in long as bands don't decide on a floor show. There's no light there. 


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