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I thought I'd do something different here and talk about AFI's new album (I've talked about movies here, may as well talk about music!) because I love AFI but also it's another shameless excuse to share photos. I peaked in 2017 and I'm milking it. I had planned to post this last Friday when it came out but I wanted to reference a video and then couldn't find it. So now it's late and nobody cares but I'm posting it anyway!

BODIES - released June 11th 2021
For me, the joy of AFI is that each album has it’s own vibe. There’s an album for every mood. If I need a dose of punk rock I can blast Answer That And Stay Fashionable, if I need something moodier there’s Decemberunderground and if I’m in one of my anti-people moods there’s always Burials because nothing makes me happier than blasting 'I Hope You Suffer'. Their new offering Bodies is no exception, it’s AFI if AFI were teleported to the New Wave era. 

'Twisted Tongues' was the first single released and there’s some chaotic drumming going on. It was all I noticed the first few times I listened to it until a friend pointed out it reminded them of Adam and the Ants and I couldn’t believe I missed it. Adam Ant was my first musician crush at the ripe old age of 6. I’m going to take it once step further…Adam Ant even had a rats tail. Are we sure Davey didn’t spend lockdown just listening to old records? A video I saw around the time of the single release showed Adam Carson drumming during soundcheck then turning to whoever was holding the camera to say he was too old to play the fast songs now, he was wiped. How on earth is he going to manage playing this live?! Maybe it's a good thing the world is in a pandemic. I lol'd.

The 80’s sounds continue with hints of Depeche Mode in ‘Back From The Flesh’ and ‘Dulceria' gives me huge Duran Duran vibes with the deep bass lines, but once that chorus kicks in there’s just no missing it, Davey has channeled Simon Le Bon. You could probably be here all day listing bands these songs remind you of. The Cure is another one but what self-respecting adult doesn't listen to The Cure on a regular basis?

'Tied To A Tree' just gives me deja vu. It's quite sombre but I feel like I've heard something like it before. I couldn't pinpoint it and talked to my only AFI obsessed friend about it. I was thinking Decemberunderground but she was thinking it sounded more like their Black Sails era. Now I'm just convinced there's some Nine Inch Nails influence going on.

The one song that stands out is 'Escape From Los Angeles'. It’s such a completely different sound to anything I’ve heard from AFI before. I know they started out punk but this is more pop-punk compared to their original style. It doesn’t even sound like Davey singing. It’s not a bad thing though, it’s definitely the song that makes you want to get up and dance around the house.

The one thing with this album is there's absolutely no flow to it or to quote Davey quoting Adam "Man it's weird". This is definitely not an album I would play start to finish. This album can be best summed up as a mixtape (have to get in one final 80's reference!), a love letter to the 80's.



FAVOURITE SONGS: Far Too Near / Looking Tragic



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