Sony Fail: Morbius

May 27, 2022  •  Leave a Comment


I enjoyed Morbius. I know many didn't but I did. I was all for seeing more disability representation in the superhero world and given a chance I would let a bat bite me if it meant no more spine pain. Sure the film is a little meh in the storyline department but intro films sometimes are. Look at Hulk [2003] and every Captain America film. I'm not sorry. He bores me stupid. However Morbius did have some nice special effects and I was a big fan of all the coloured motion blur going on. I spent almost 10 years doing that with my gig photos so I had huge appreciation there.

The biggest issue with Morbius was the fact that every single thing shown in the trailer wasn't in the movie. Let me break it down:

  1. Outside the bat cave when Michael says "If you're going to run, do it now" - he doesn't say that in the movie.
  2. Still outside the cave, we see Michael scream as he's surrounded by bats...that didn't happen either.
  3. That scene where he's in his prison jumpsuit, wrapped in a blanket and walking past the Spiderman mural - not in the film.
  4. The scene with Michael Keaton didn't happen. In fact we don't see Michael Keaton until the end credit scenes and it's still not related to the scene in the trailer. Generally speaking, the end credit's scene is the "OMG WOW" moment of the movie watching experience of what's coming next. Not something a movie company spoils with their own trailer. 
  5. "I am Venom...just kidding" doesn't happen either. He says "I am Venom" but it's followed up with some instructions about ibuprofen.

Do Sony know how to make movie trailers? It's normal to sometimes have a couple seconds that don't turn up in the film but to have the entire trailer so way-off takes some talent. 

Rant over.




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