TOP 10 musicians influenced by Stephen King

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It’s a right of passage that with your tween years comes horror movies, unless you were born in the 80’s then it probably started when you were a toddler because parents just didn't give a shit how they raised you, but I really feel like it would be tough to find someone who hasn’t read or watched at least one Stephen King related story at some point in their life. Everyone has their favourite whether it’s watching some guy have his ankles shattered in Misery or something a little less grisly like The Green Mile which has been known to make the most hardened cry like babies. For me, it's probably hard to pick a fav but It [2017] is definitely up there. As a former bullied kid I'm Team Carrie and Silver Bullet is a classic too. So in honour of Stephen King’s 75th birthday I wanted to look at some musicians who were inspired by the King of Horror.

10. PENNYWISE – Pennywise

There’s a song to my favourite dancing clown and it’s super lame but in a catchy, head-banging kinda way.
9. ICE NINE KILLS – Hell In The Hallways

Not only is the song about Carrie and features a school dance, the video clip also has characters named Christine, Torrance and the mention of a “Coach King” before getting into the song itself. I'm not a fan of the band but credit where credit is due - they love their horror films.
8. BLACK SABBATH – The Shining

Allegedly, this is an era of Black Sabbath that people don’t talk about because it’s not Ozzy Osbourne behind the microphone, but track 1 from the album The Eternal Idol was about one spooky hotel.
7. KORN – You’ll Never Find Me

The video clip is inspired by Stephen King’s segment on Creepshow called ‘Weeds’. It’s about a guy who finds a meteorite and becomes infected and quite quickly turns into a human plant.

6. METALLICA – Ride The Lightning

The song and album title of the same name were inspired by a line from Stephen King’s novel ‘The Stand’ in which a guy on death row says he’s waiting to ride the lightning.

5. 30 SECONDS TO MARS – The Kill

While the song itself has nothing to do with anything, the film clip is basically a remake of The Shining but instead of a creepy Jack Torrance, we’ve got a saucy boy with eyeliner stalking the hallways. He can feel free to chase me with an axe.

Perth band Chainsaw Hookers broke up in 2016 but with a discography filled with horror-movie themed rock songs, I have to include their song Christine to the list!
3. ANTHRAX – A Skeleton In The Closet

Two songs on Anthrax’s 3rd album ‘Among the Living’ are based on Stephen King’s work. Among The Living is based on the book The Stand and A Skeleton In The Closet is based on Apt Pupil.

2. AC/DC – Who Made Who

The album of the same name was the soundtrack to Stephen King’s one and only attempt at directing a feature film. The album consisted of 3 new songs and a bunch of tracks from previous albums. I hadn’t heard of Maximum Overdrive until tonight but after reading that King has since disowned the film I really feel the need to watch it. A horror-comedy with Emilio Estevez, how bad can it really be?

1. RAMONES – Pet Sematary

This is quite possibly the best song ever written for a horror movie but that’s an argument for another day. I love the line "I don't want to be buried in a Pet Sematary, I don't want to live my life again". If only Louis Creed had considered this before resurrecting his family! The Pet Sematary soundtrack also features another Ramones track...a certain truck driver can be seen rocking out to Sheena Is A Punk Rocker.

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