Shoot 1


Shoot 2

The beauty pageant photoshoot was originally for Pride but I changed the concept to fit with Envy. I can't stand beauty pageants whether it's for adults or children, its possible I hate the one for kids more because at least an adult is making a conscious decision to take part. No child in this day and age should be growing up believing their self worth is measured by their looks. Little kids caked in makeup, fake tans and hair extensions, there's just something very creepy about it. I've watched a couple of Miss Universe pageants which I can only presume there was nothing else to watch on TV at the time and the winners reactions are so over the top I made that the emphasis of my photo shoot. It would be the pageant winner with the pissed off runner-up. 

This shoot was off to a better start already because Model #1 actually fit into the dress! The only downside to this photoshoot was the two girls were laughing too much which was to be expected when you're trying to get them to push and shove each other. Normally I'm all about a photo shoot being fun but it didn't really come across that she was out for revenge and wanted the title of Miss World. It was something the lecturers noted too but being new to photographing people and trying to overcome my anxiety issues I wasn't ready to tell people what to do too much.