2014.01.10 Chainsaw Hookers, Castle Bravo, The De Niros2014.01.17 Teledex w/ The Spitfires, FAIM, The Caballeros, Novocaines2014.02.07 Punkinstuf 3 w/ Gloria Ironbox, Ben Elliott, The Caballeros, Lifespan2014.02.28 Them Sharks, Scalphunter, Medicene, The Bob Gordons2014.03.08 Chainsaw Hookers Relaunch w/ Blazin Entrails, Scalphunter2014.03.14 Scalphunter, The Caballeros, The Bob Gordons, Creature, BlindspotTeledex: Ben Elliott, Roswell, Like Junk, Noah Skape2014.04.05 Search and Destroy2014.04.20 Graphic Characters, GyroscopeChaos Club w/ Helchild, Pitbull, 1000 Eyes, 88 To Yesterday, Ben Elliott2014.05.02 Lionizer launch w/  Yianni, Axe Girl, Rag N Bone, Flowermouth2014.05.10 The Spitfires Farewell Show w/ Odlaw, The Order of the Black Werewolf, Mezzanine, I Said The Sparrow2014.05.16 The Decline launch w/ Being Beta, Sail On! Sail On!, Tired Lion, The Novocaines2014.05.17 Gloria Ironbox, The Caballeros, Them Sharks, Tailored Grace2014.05.30 Ebola Goldfish w/ Blackwitch, Medicene, The Decline, Chainsaw Hookers2014.06.02 Astor Rocks2014.06.13 FAIM Final Show2014.07.05 Nerdlinger, Revellers, 88 To Yesterday, Blindspot, Them Sharks, The Decline, House Arrest2014.10.24 Wolfpack, Scalphunter, The Bob Gordons, Yob Mob2014.10.25 Game Of Tones w/ Frigid Digits, Latch Key Kids, At the Space Jam, Trip Hazard and the Rude Boys, House Arrest, Them Sharks2014.10.29 Last Punk Show @ Ya-Ya's2014.11.01 Swan Basement w/ The De Niros, Blindspot, Dead Set Dead2014.11.08 Blood Rock Fest2014.11.21 Axe Girl album launch w/ Hey Lady!, Eilish and the Quin2014.12.13 The Datsuns w/ The Caballeros, The Volcanics2014.12.19 The Bob Gordons album launch2014.09.14 Sydney - Scotty's Birthday w/ Ebola Goldfish and Nerdlinger2014.09.08 Sydney - Royal Artillery, Dividers2015 Chainsaw Hookers launchRandom Music Related PicsThe Dandy Warhols