2012 April 20th Chainsaw Hookers album launch2012.02.04 Project Mayhem Final Show2012.02.07 iChora @ Mojo's2012.02.13 Coronal Sky & Midnight Boulevard2012.03.16 Coronal Sky @ Swan Basement2012.05.25 Montage Of Jesus / Alex The Kid2012.05.26 Mattress Security launch2012.06.07 Midnight Boulevard album launch2012.06.14 Punk n Spunk2012.06.29 Chainsaw Hookers w/ Lucille / The Shakeys2012.07.13 Scalphunter w/ Blazin Entrails, Faim, Grim Fandango2012.07.20 Spitfires album launch2012.08.11 Punktured2012.09.14 This launch at the rocket room where I didn't photograph the band whose launch it was w/ The Shakeys, Kill Teen Angst, Blindspot, Blazin Entrails2012.10.21 Charity Rock Fest2012.12.22 Xmas Charity Rock Fest2012.12.29 Laser Rock Show2013.03.01 FAIM launch w/ Scalphunter2013.04.11 Coronal Sky / Midnight Boulevard2013.05.23 Hectic - Ben Elliott, 10past6, The De Niros2013.05.24 Jurassic Punk w/ Being Beta, Them Sharks, Blindspot, Castle Bravo2013.05.31 Mon's Going Away Gig2013.06.21 Punkaholics Anonymous w/ Alex the Kid, Castle Bravo, The De Niros2013.08.23 Punkinstuf 1 w/ Scalphunter, Coronal Sky, The De Niros, Midnight Boulevard, Ben Elliott2013.09.01 Who's Your Daddy?2013.09.27 Club Chaos w/ Dead Babies In Vomit, Being Beta, Kate Ferguson, The De Niros2013.10.11 Blindspot album launch w/ Alex The Kid, The Bob Gordons, Nerdlinger, Scalphunter2013.11.08 Scalphunter ep launch w/ Clowns, Firearms, Grim Fandango2013.12.14 Chainsaw Hookers / The Decline / Ben David / Medicene2013.12.24 Punkinstuf Xmas Eve