2017 April 30th Green Day w/ The Interrupters2017 August 25th Grinspoon w/ Hockey Dad, Good boy2017 Dec 3rd The Bennies2017 Feb 4th Bodyjar w/ Young Offenders, Leeches, The Decline2017 Feb 11th DRI w/ Scalphunter, TRS, Battletruk2017 Feb 17th Descendents w/ Clowns2017 Jan 16th Letlive/Every Time I Die2017 Jan 21st Punktured2017 June 04th Clowns 'Lucid Dream Tour' w/ Nightbirds, TRS, Two For Flinching2017 June 16th Frenzal Rhomb w/ Naked Wizard, Leeches2017 May 4th Dwarves w/The Sperts, Scalphunter, Pillar Of Hope2017 Nov 25th Fungalfest2017 Oct 07th Punktoberfest2017 Oct 12th Me First and the Gimme Gimmes w/ Bikini Cops, The Bob Gordons2017 Oct 17 Ace Frehley / Alice Cooper2017 Sept 14th AFI2017 Sept 22nd Punknstuf2018 April 07th Them Sharks Final Show w/Wolfpack, Scalphunter2018 April 25th Good Riddance w/ Castle Bravo, Alex the Kid2018 Aug 31st Enemy Minds EP Launch2018 August 19th Regurgitator Tour w/Glitoris2018 Feb 21st Unwritten Law w/Blindspot, Kerb2018 Jan 19th Gyroscope w/ Horror My Friend2018 Jan 20th Foo Fighters / Weezer2018 March 3rd City Limits2018 Nov 3rd The Superjesus2018 Nov 15th Ash 'Islands' Tour2018 Nov 23rd The Murderballs/Udder Ubductees2018 Nov 30th Alex the Kid launch2019 August 31st This Shit's Indense2019 Fidlar2019 Jan 25th Red City Radio/No Trigger2019 June Scalphunter 10 Years at Sixy302019 March 2nd Millencolin/Goldfinger2019 Sept 5th The Superjesus w/Violetine