2014 April: The De Niros album launch, Blindspot, Silver Foxes2014 June: Gloria Ironbox, Black Stone From The Sun, The MDC2014 March: Ol Bouginvillea, Tooth and Claw, The Cold Acre2014 May: The Cold Acre, Aborted Tortoise, Amberdown2014 New Years Day: The Bob Gordons, Rag N' Bone, Creature, The Branson Tramps, The MDCDec 4th 2013: Ben Waters, Black Swan, The Branson Tramps, Robbie WassDec 11th 2013: The MDC, Silver Foxes, Black Stone From The SunNov 27th 2013: Silver Foxes, Yob Mob, Gloria IronboxOct 9th 2013: The Stokies Project, The MDCOct 23rd 2013: The Potent Remedies, Gloria Ironbox, The De Niros