Punks Against Poverty is a local live music event where we were raising money for local charity Street Smugglers. This event came about after hearing about Queensland charity Share The Dignity which has a main focus on poor and homeless women who can't afford to buy pads and tampons. It's something (most of) us women go through monthly, and for some of us it's highly unpleasant, yet it never occurred to me how hard it must be for someone homeless or living on the streets without access to these products. This got me inspired to do something here in Perth and thanks to Facebook, someone recommended local charity Street Smugglers to me. 

Street Smugglers was a non-profit organisation educating the community about homelessness and helping people living on the streets of Perth with life's basic necessities, things we often take for granted.

The first Punks Against Poverty event went so much better than I could have imagined. Advertised as $15 entry or $10 with a donation, we raised $1126 and had a huge pile of donations including bathrooms necessities, sanitary products and new tshirts and beanies in time for winter. We were also given a huge pile of donations to use as raffle prizes on the night. 

Last December was the 4th Punks Against Poverty show which I deliberately had a Christmas theme for. Each band had to play at least one Christmas song and I even roped in a model friend to help out selling raffle tickets. Mrs Gingerbreadman was a hit because she sold all of the tickets in about 15 minutes! This night had our smallest gathering to date yet we still raised $700 which helped Street Smugglers hand out a whole heap of Christmas presents to those in need.

Another Punks Against Poverty is in the works, but first I'm looking for a new charity to help out!


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